Physical screening,core strengthening and Pilates

From January 2013, our resident Physiotherapist, Natalie, will be offering various levels of fitness, core strengthening and Pilates sessions for our young cricketers and any Moms keen to start the New Year on the right foot.


All athletes, and particularly players in the key growth phases should be aware of the importance of core stability and exercises and physical screening forms part of all elite sports programs and is filtering to all levels with its impact on improved performance and injury prevention.

Natalie will be available at these times but could be flexible should groups be required at other times.

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9.30-12.30

Tues and Friday afternoons from 14.00-17.00 (if not later)


It is recommended that to ensure the athlete is doing the correct amount of flexibility and strength work a pre-season screening is done by a physiotherapist.

This is especially important for:

  • Boys or girls between the ages of 11-16years are vulnerable due to the growth spurt. This leaves them prone to conditions like Osgood-Schlatter and Severe’s Disease. Both these conditions are related to muscles pulling on their bony attachment due to a lack of flexibility.
  • Athletes/cricketer’s that currently have, or have had injuries.
  • Performance requirements not being met/unsatisfied with current level.
  • Prophylactic injury prevention

We can assess the athlete to determine specific areas that need to be addressed through exercise and hands on treatment (if and when needed).

These assessments can be put through the medical aid as a physiotherapy assessment.

Alternatively it will cost R300 cash per assessment (45 minutes)

Group classes

To maximise the information gained from the assessment we are offering group classes, of approximately 4-6 people. In these groups each of the individuals’ needs will be addressed.

This will be duration of 30-45minutes. In these sessions they will be corrected and the technique will be emphasised for maximum benefit-this also re-enforces the mind body connection.

R60 per class (preferably booking on monthly basis)

Individual sessions

This is ideal for each athlete who wants to get better connected with their core muscles. It is difficult to recruit these muscles and it is often reassuring to have someone check that it is being done correctly while giving some hands on guidance. This is a great time for the athlete to get to know their body and also learn the cues that are often used related to core. It is also a nice time to figure out where all the muscles are and how to get them going.

It is recommended that before athletes join a group class they have at least one individual session.

These will be half an hour in duration. R150 per session

Please feel free to contact me: or cell: 0725442294

It is best to contact me via email or sms as I am usually busy with consultations. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you J

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Coaching Times


One hourly session from 13h00-18h00 (public and school holidays incl.)


One hourly sessions from 08h00-11h00 (public and school holidays incl.)


Parents and students are aware that participating in cricket coaching sessions is a potentially hazardous activity. Parents assume all risks associated with participation in this sport, including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, balls, equipment, and other reasonable risk conditions associated with the sport. All such risks are known and understood by the parents and students.

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